Page 2 of the detailed showing of "Figurative Explorations"

The show was at the COYOTE GALLERY of Butte Community College From the 7th of November through
the 13th of December 2007. The times of viewing were from 10am to 2pm monday through Friday. This page
has reproductions the final 6 works of the 11 in the show that were in the gallery. If you would like to
view the works not accepted for the present show, please
visit the linked page entitled "More Pics",
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PS. This artwork contains unclothed human and animal bodies. Enter only if you are mature enough to do so.
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Pictures are not in any specific order of importance. And now on with the show...

"Temptaion of Arthur"

Here we have the innocent
artist being tempted by what
appears DEATH itself. But in
reallity the skeleton is accually
the artist's Wife's shadow. It's
the Wife who is the threat not
DEATH! Life has a way of
complicating daily adventures
making fun and mayham all at
the same time. The skeleton
of DEATH is in essence
inviting the artist to "go ahead,
do it if you dare". What a
familiar Sentence that is.


One day my model Allyson brought a
theatrical mask with here and layed it down as
a focal point for posing. I senced a bit of
reflection in her that day, so this picture was
the outcome. I wrote a Poem for her and it
goes like thus:
Here I as Those in Ages Past, seeing of the
Present, Dreams that will not last.

I included the profile of an audience male
(voyeur) in the stream of life. The lush
greenery is a Symbol of Youth and Sexuality.


This figurative work was
created durring a time when
Homosexuality was a social
topic. I put two males into a
Box, the same way that
conservative people tend to do
with things they don't want to
understand. I remembered my
childhood when my friends and
I would play and wrestle and
fight. Would we today be put
into a Box catagory? Does
anyone enjoy Friendship today
without the fear of a Socially
Unacceptible Label? That was
my Question! (this pic taken at
the show -glass on front -oops)

"Devil Master"

I met this woman at a drawing workshop and right
from the begining her strength impressed me. She
had a Voluptuous body and a personality to match.
Her name is Janet. She seemed quite able to take
control of her environment and this trait must have
made her job possible. She worked with very
Demanding individuals. We need more people like
her to make life better for those less fortunate
than the average individual. I did this some-what
whimsicle drawing of her as the one in control of a
powerful Demon in the Prime of his Sexual
Maturity. She came over and looked at my
drawing, laughed, and gave me a Big Hug.
Maybe I captured the Real her?

"Devil and His Angel"

One calm and quiet afternoon I watched a
friend of mine Masterbate and she seemed to
enjoy doing it so much that I just had to
document the event (I got quite a thrill as
well). This was a Happy Experience and the
picture, although sedate, was intended to show
the natural normal expression of human
Sexuality. Our Devil here is but an element of
the Winged Ladies concentrated Focus, but
who knows maybe It's real. I say "It" because
the Devil is a Symbol of human Sexuality that
is always there and larger than some want to
acknowlege. I wrote a Poem that was a
reflection of the Cultural Sexuality at the time,
it moves to a Hip-Hop beat:
Devil and His Angel, prepare to Dance, Angel
wants First Romance, Devil says OK, but only
with Foreplay, Angel wants him to be Steady,
least 'til the Time She is ready, both agree for
They both want to see, the End Result... that's
You and Me.

"Past Carries Future"

Just recently I had the Good Fortune to be in
the right place at the right time to see Life
flash before my Eyes. In this Vision, the
Powers that BE were grouped before Me. The
Past carried a Banner but was not able to See
what was written on it's Face (even though it
was written in Blood). It only looked forward
to the Future. If only the Past realized that
ItSelf was the Future. The Power of GOD as
the Future has a cold heartless Reality to It's
Nature and as always It keeps an Eye on the
Serpents of the Earth. And the Serpents are
always entwined in the local Proceedings. On
the back of GOD rides the Deliverer of Pain
and Sorrow for it is the Devil, who does as
God demans. Our Sun God provides Life to all
we hold so Dear yet treat so poorly. The Lust
for Life cuddles next to the Earth we inhabit
with no care for any who are Born There. Humans seem to have no Fears or Worries as they Devour that which
is so abundant and easy to take. Of course we have to give credit to the Grim Reaper who collects Souls,
disguised as if It were a Hunter collecting Pelts as Prizes. If not for this Vagrant We would surely have become
Something Fowl. DEATH itself is but an Idea floating overhead just waitng for the chance to Storm and Rain
upon every situation that occurs.

Thank you for visiting my part of the this art show thar was at the Coyote Gallery at Butte Community College
Oroville CA from November 7th 2007 to December 13 2007.