Welcome to my most recent Art Showings:
My piece "Another World" was up for viewing at the Chico Art Center.

This show features the members of the Chico Art Center (maybe around 70 now).

The show was at the Chico Art Center from January 5th to February 3rd 2008. The gallery is located at 450 Orange Street ( located at the corner of 5th St. and Orange St), in Chico California. The gallery hours are Daily 12pm to 4pm. The office phone is 530-895-8726 and the gallery phone is 530-891-5945.

Thank you for visiting my web space gallery!

PS. This artwork contains unclothed human and animal bodies. Enter only if you are mature enough to do so. If
you have questions or comments, write me; click here! Pictures are not in any specific order of importance.

And now on with the show...

"Another World"

I created the idea sketch in February of 2004.
This picture finally materialized on December
28th 2007. The general intent is to portray an
alternate or parallel existence.
I included my poem called "Another World":

Another World, Another Place,
Another Time, A Familiar Face,
All These Things I See,
All These Things May Be,
But Which World Is The World For Me?
If Only I Could Touch,
If Only I Could Taste,
That Other Time, That Other Place!

The "worlds" are similar but not exact.
The idea behind this work is that in spite
of one's existence, the "Other" side can still
seem attractive. That Other side (world,
Dimension) is actually DEATH as we call it
and the White Fish is Death Itself. Death is
constantly Searching and Circling for new
Energy to collect. This work explores the
thought of suicide. Death could be no more
than a shift to a parallel universe or
Dimension. The Beagle is a symbol of the
Natural Existence of The Life Force that
always transends its boundaries, this is
shown by the Dogs noticing things in the
other dimensions and by the Dragonflies.
The Dragonfly below is the Mate of the one
above and it makes a link, a connection,
between the Worlds. The Lady is the symbol
for the Human Entity that can gaze upon
reflections, but not accually touch or experience them (thoughts, wishes, dreams). The eyes of the ladies
in both worlds are not focused on anything. This may be the "Human Condition" (passing through life
with little control or understanding of the "larger picture"). But, any change in either dimension will create
a change in all the other "Dimensional Worlds". If only we could know before we do... If only we could see...